welowa® is unique!
Are you ready for something different?

Self Determined!

Lose weight unconsciously ...
The potential for the first self help Community, based on the welowa® method – weight loss walking – is enormous! – The result of the worldwide dieting myth is now 2,1 Billion overweight people (WHO). Will be about 4 Billion at 2030. –Welowa® is the Game Changer. Look why …
Avoid diets forever, because they make fat
Change your behavior – not your food!
Learn how to transform your(!) food to welowa® clean nutrition ...
Then you can eat Fast Food, Ice Cream and Pizza, as well ...
You can eat and drink everything, if you know how …
Lern to eat Self Determined! – Not(!) determined by Diet, Fitness and Low Carbs dealers!
Forget Schwarzeneggers Fitnässen!  Learn weight loss walking
The WELOWA Methode of “unconsciously lose weight”, based on the 
– – –
* The JOJO Master is part of your evolutionary subconscious – "sitting" in the Microbiom, sending you ravenous appetite after any diet, LowCarb or ZeroCarb Excesses ... 
For an Investment in welowa®Please check the billions of subsidies that Finance Minister Blümel and Environment Minister Gewessler promised on 14. 4. 21 in the Austrian Parliament. 

Innovative Licences?

A B2B Reseller Idea  
A welowa® "Theme Region" can, within the scope of a welowa® overall license, become a licensor for other regions. - The smallest license is the regional license, the largest the continental license.

You can purchase a regional license and later upgrade to a big one, if it is still available: regional, country, continental licenses (USA, Europe, China, South America, etc ...
Example: You have a Regional License for the Pocono Mountains. Then you can take a Country License for  Pennsylvania as well. And give Licenses to other regions in  Pennsylvania. 

Or take the License for West or East Cost, or the whole USA. The biger regional licenses also entitle you to train coaches and trainers in
WELOWA® ist Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe und gibt keinen medizinischen Rat.
Sprich bitte mit deinem Arzt!
* Ich möchte, dass ihr mich versteht, deshalb verwende ich das generische Maskulinum "ER" und die Mehrzahl "EN", so wie sie sich evolutionär entwickelt haben, für alle Geschlechter. Ausnahme: wenn der Text verständlich bleibt.
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